Early Morning Cardio Workouts For Men

There are tons of cardio workouts for men (absolutely), but some of them are better than others; you'd like to get your fitness in early instead of later in the day. We're not morning people by any stretch of the imagination. But it's hard to deny the way you feel after an intense cardio session in the morning.

You've got the energy to burn for days, so you're pumped at work even if you're stuck at a desk or in a cubicle all day. The key is maximizing your morning routine by making sure you're doing the best cardio workouts for men. We're different from women (obviously), so we've got to focus on different exercises and techniques to make the most of the workout and prove that we're the early birds.

This workout will nearly kill you, but the results are so worth it. You start with a bodyweight squat, and then you do ten push-ups. Give yourself a 30-second rest, then do two bodyweight squats, and take it down to nine push-ups. The point here is to work your way to ten bodyweight squats and one push-up. You can rest in between them, and you'll need all those rests because you'll have to end up doing 55 reps (feel the burn, man).


Running, not jogging or speed walking, is another solid way to get your heart going in the morning. It's more practical to run in the morning because there are no crowds. So you've got the world to yourself, and you can get into the zone.

In spring, summer, or fall, it's especially nice because you get to run before the heat of the day blankets your route in humidity. Just make sure you switch up your routes and routines. Keep challenging yourself.


HIIT, or high-intensity interval training, is unquestionably one of the best cardio workouts for men. It doesn't matter much what you do - run, jump rope, do jumping jacks, try to speed push-ups. Whatever it is, go ahead and keep your rest to a minimum.

You want to get your heart rate up fast and keep it going through high-intensity maneuvers. Whatever you do, try to avoid any steady-state cardio. That has its place, but you want to rev yourself up in the morning.

3Overhead Lunges

The key with lunges is to keep your reps low and your intensity high. Absolutely zero breaks here, too. You'll want to do 10-12 reps for each side.

Start by lifting your arms over your head and then step forward on your right leg. Lower it down so that the right thigh parallels the floor. Your left knee should almost touch the ground.

If you try these workouts, you'll start seeing results fast. You'll have more energy, a crazy metabolism, and a toned, defined body. You'll feel great, and you'll look great, and you'll find it easier to wake up early because you'll have the energy to burn. Endorphins are better than downing cups of coffee or shotgunning cans of Red Bull.

Dennis Truesdale

Dennis Truesdale was an engineer before he made an unexpected but highly relished career change. He writes to help give other men the confidence he lacked for so many years to pursue his dreams and accomplish his life's goals. These days he's spending his spare time reading everything he can get his hands on.