Reasons To Switch To An Electric Car

Future Of The Industry

Having grown up in Detroit, even we know that there are plenty of valid reasons to drive an electric car. After the introduction of the Volt (which is, sadly, not as futuristic-looking or plain cool as the concept version) and the Tesla, this Chevy guy was sold. And it's not just about the eco-consciousness of them either. There's a long list of reasons to drive an electric car, and as a new convert, we're happy to share a few of our ideas. If you're still on the fence about an EV, read on.

1A Clean Conscience

Are you worried about global warming? Are you concerned about climate change? Then, consider an electric vehicle or a gas-electric hybrid. The all-electric cars have no carbon emissions, and hybrids have far fewer emissions than traditional combustion-engine vehicles.

There's the argument that since electric vehicles are still powered by the grid (the grid is still mostly powered by fossil fuels, which cause pollution), you're not eliminating any emissions, but this argument doesn't wash. First, of course, you could go off-grid and charge at a solar-powered station. Or you could rest assured in the knowledge that as the infrastructure for EVs grows to suit increasing demand, this dilemma will be resolved, and you'll be powering your car with solar, wind, or geothermal power.

2Style And Curb Appeal

One word: Tesla. We challenge anyone who scoffs at the curb appeal of electric cars to show us any car, combustion or electric-powered, that's as good-looking as the Tesla, any Tesla car. It's sleek; it's stylish; it's sporty; it's upscale, and it's undeniably bad-ass.

Tesla looks nothing like the smiley-face, feel-good Prius. It doesn't look like any other stereotypical electric car either. And the Tesla isn't the only stylish EV - the Lexus CT 200h is another sporty ride, and the Kia Optima hybrid is nice, too.

3Save On Gas

Words cannot express how much we hate spending money at the gas station. We spend more on gas on most weeks than we do on food, and it kills us. Whether you choose a gas-electric hybrid or go all-electric, you'll spend less time at the gas station than everyone else who still drives a "traditional" car. You might notice a slight uptick in your electric bill, but then again, maybe not; most electric cars feature a smart-charging system, enabling you to charge only during off-peak times on your local grid.

4The Awesome Acceleration

We admit to being shocked the first time we hit the gas in an electric car. Since all of the engine's torque is available right away, when you hit the gas, there's no revving, just going. You shoot off the start line immediately without hesitation.

Sure, it's quiet, but we'll get to that later. Minus the rumble, the 0 to 60 in the Tesla is the same as in the Corvette Z06. No, we're not kidding. Electric cars do have their performance advantages, and rapid, near-whiplash acceleration is one of the compelling reasons to drive an electric car.

Electric cars aren't for everyone, but they do seem to be the future of the automotive industry. It's a good idea to at least test drive one if you haven't already. And if you have, which one did you drive, and what did you think?

Dennis Truesdale

Dennis Truesdale was an engineer before he made an unexpected but highly relished career change. He writes to help give other men the confidence he lacked for so many years to pursue his dreams and accomplish his life's goals. These days he's spending his spare time reading everything he can get his hands on.