Top Qualities Women Look For In A Man

What's your specialty? There are certain traits that women love in men. Some women prefer humor, while others enjoy a man who is a bit more serious. Are you looking to impress your latest crush or get the girl of your dreams?

The following tips will help you win her over. If you are looking to hook up or score a date for the next event, consider these pieces of advice. Here are a few of the traits women love in men.


Sure, some women love the bad boy type, but that's usually just a phase that women go through during their younger years. If you are looking for a woman to settle down with or if you want to take things slow, kindness is a trait that will win her over. Treat those around you with respect, and she'll see that you're the man she wants to be with.

While you can still have traits like sarcasm and wit, a little kindness in a relationship will go a long way. Overly lovely can be a turn-off, as some women still like the 'bad-boy' mentality from time to time. Still, showing respect to others and treating her as your equal is something that she will not overlook.


It might sound like a noticeable trait, but most men ignore the fact that women love a man who knows what he's doing. Even if you're not the next Einstein, you still have something that you're good at. Some women prefer book smarts, while other women love a man who knows what he is doing outside. Take charge of the situation and use your problem-solving skills to impress her.


Most women love a man who is romantic from time to time. Surprising her with a gift or flowers will make her day and could even earn you some extra 'one-on-one' time in the bedroom. Take her on a date to a fancy restaurant, or plan a surprise picnic.

Either way, she will love that you are thinking about her and acting spontaneously. Most women report that the lack of romance is the reason they break up with their boyfriends! Don't let that happen to you! Keep the romance alive.


Most women love a man with a sense of humor. It's a trait that consistently ranks in the top three in most polls about the qualities women love in men. If you want to impress her with this trait, take her to a comedy club or watch a funny movie together. Have a funny joke that is a hit around the office? Tell it to your crush or girlfriend and make her laugh!

There are a few things to keep in mind, however. Not all women enjoy the same kind of humor; if you have an offensive joke, it's best to hold it off until you know she is okay with that style of humor. One wrong joke, and you could be out the door! If your humor runs a little bit more on the Daniel Tosh side, it might take some time for her to accept that. Look for someone who has the same sense of humor; it will make getting along much easier!


Men are not known to be the best listeners, as studies have shown. In general, women are better listeners, leaving some men clueless in this department. Keep in mind that listening skills will go a long way in a relationship!

If you don't know what to say when she's talking about her day, tell her that you care for her and that you hope everything turns out okay in whatever situation she is facing. Take time to listen to her stories. Make sure that she knows that you're there for her.

It's always best, of course, to be yourself, but if you already tend toward some of these traits, why not cultivate them a bit and land the girl of your dreams? Which of these traits have you found that always helps you get the girl? What's your specialty?

Dennis Truesdale

Dennis Truesdale was an engineer before he made an unexpected but highly relished career change. He writes to help give other men the confidence he lacked for so many years to pursue his dreams and accomplish his life's goals. These days he's spending his spare time reading everything he can get his hands on.